Currently studying Masters in Advanced Product Design · Umeå Institute of Design · Umeå, Sweden

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Ahoy · What's the future of urban outdoor fitness?

I'm a Kiwi interaction & industrial designer chasing my design dreams around the world. I'm currently undertaking my thesis on prompting exercise through interactive, connected fitness infrastructure at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden (MFA in Advanced Product Design). I interned for a year with IDEO in San Francisco & Palo Alto, and another year with Ziba and Bosch in Munich. If you're also excited about the next step in urban fitness installations, or just want to say hi, let's chat!

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What am I doing right now?


Internships at IDEO San Francisco & Palo Alto (current), Ziba Munich, and Bosch and Siemens Munich

Description will be here soon! In the mean time, download my PDF for the full story.


Medically Proven Benefits · Simulated Womb Environment · Fosters Mother-Child Bond · Improved Breathing Assistance Treatment (CPAP)

Description will be here soon! In the mean time, download my PDF for the full story.

2013, Conceptual Product Solutions Project at Umeå Institute of Design

Asthma Control · “Replacing Anxiety with Confidence” · Product, App, and Service

Description will be here soon! In the mean time, download my PDF for the full story.

2011, Strategic Project at Umeå Institute of Design

Promotional Video for Internships · Rough Concept Cut · Premiere, After Effects, Canon 7D

Description will be here soon! In the mean time, download my PDF for the full story.

2012, Intern Project at Bosch Design Studio, Munich

Collaboration with MA Interaction Programme · Sound Design · Light Design · Arduino, AfterEffects, Premiere

Description will be here soon! In the mean time, download my PDF for the full story.

2011, Industrial Sound Design Project at Umeå Institute of Design

Collaboration with Posten Sweden · Comprehensive User Testing · Flexible Use

This project aimed to improve the working conditions for mailmen of Posten (Swedish Post). Following extensive user research one problem was chosen for solving through user centred design.

I addressed urban mail delivery by small vehicle, with a focus on reducing physical stress, speeding up delivery, and improving weather protection.

A small vehicle was developed, featuring an adjustable asymmetrical seat and a raising automated dashboard to feed the mail efficiently.

2010, User Experience Project at Umeå Institute of Design

12 Hours Design · Alignment Slider · Debri Catcher · Defused Lighting · Snap Construction

This project focused on brand and styling. We picked a brand that did not make electric screwdrivers, and analysed the brand aesthetic and functionality to develop a screwdriver to fit into the existing product range.

Kärcher has recently launched an easy-to-use domestic cleaning product range, which I chose to design for. The screwdriver is designed to be a handy item kept in the kitchen, for people unfamiliar with power tools.

A sliding alignment tool and screw/unscrew toggle make operation simple, whilst the self-standing design, lighting, and depth markers are handy features. A dust-catcher fits the brand identity and the screwless construction fits Kärcher’s environmental ambitions.

2011, Parametric Modelling Project at Umeå Institute of Design

Four Axis of Flexibility · More Comfortable Stroke · Flexible Nozzle

This project focused on ergonomics-led development, particularly looking at comfort and emotive response. I chose to develop a portable bike pump for New Zealand mountain bikers.

My research concluded existing pump mechanisms provide a poor user experience and a radically new approach was needed. Development led to a continuous, circular pumping motion.

A working prototype indicated a much improved user experience which was further enhanced by a flexible nozzle, reversed lever-motion, and subtle visual cues for usage.

2008, Ergonomics Project at Massey University

Website · Online Availability Checking & Reservation · Credit Card Submission

Converted bookings are the end goal, so everything is designed to aid this. Prominent quality marks, testimonials, contact details and photos of the host all build trust and percieved “friendship”, encouraging booking.

Jefferswood exists in an extremely competitive segment, but with careful, precise construction the website has achieved a consistent #1 in Google for the main target terms.

A story of comfort, quality, experiences, and sustainability has been imbued throughout the website, to tell the story people visit New Zealand to experience.

2009, Freelance Project

Assorted Projects · This section is a work in progress

Description will be here soon! In the mean time, download my PDF for the full story.

2000s, Assorted work from universities, employment, and personal projects

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I've now completed one year of my Masters in Advanced Product Design at Umeå Institute of Design in Sweden. I’m currently taking two years away for internships, and returning in August 2013 to complete my second year.

Previously I worked at a consultancy in Wellington, New Zealand, where I was hired from my Bachelors programme. I've also undertaken various freelance projects over the years, from which I've gained a bunch of different perspectives on design in the real world.

Outside of design I'm happiest mountain biking, chasing the snow, and just being out and about. Other good times are road trips, barbeques and backyard cricket, and badly attempting to speak in other languages.

I was bitten early by the travel bug, and have had a blast with a couple of trips in Southeast Asia, studying in California, and working holidays in the UK and Australia. Right now I live in Munich while interning with Bosch and Ziba.

There's nothing like a good winter surf mission back home in NZExploring Angkor Wat and the surrounding ruins in Cambodia, June 2010Taking a break for some casual footy at the Umeå Institute of Design (the benefits of the Umeå midnight sun!)

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